KittyTempleton and Dea Aurelia own and manage a community that provide some of the best living and visiting experiences in Second Life. 

Templeton Cove Estates: American Lakes

Templeton Cove Rental Office

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Currently 16 beautiful sims for exploring or living with private member spaces and many amenities including hidden treats so click away! Perfect for riding on our extensive trails and for sailing pretty much everywhere provided your craft is not too large (beware of the rapids). We also have a members Marina on the Blake Sea!  Here you can rent or rezz and sail only but must be in the TCE Group to do so.

Rentals start at an affordable 200 LD per week for Camping in the Wilderness rising to cover a range of options including Private Islands. (We also have stabling at 175 LD a week)


Visitors always welcome and do check out the tabs of this website to see  categories of current vacant rentals. Joining the group gives many benefits if you just love exploring.

Kitty and Dea are not typical landlords, in that they will work with you wherever possible so you can enjoy the best possible virtual living and visiting experience. If you wish to have a quiet life your privacy will be respected if you want to mingle with others events and music will give you the opportunity to meet like minded people.

Templeton Cove Community has a strict covenant and expect landscaping and creating to stay within the theme. There is a membership fee to join which brings additional benefits and attracts those who enjoy community life.

Disrespectful behaviour will not be tolerated and tenancies may be terminated  with immediate effect in serious cases of breach.