Templeton Cove: December 2019

Templeton Cove Estate Office


  • Estate Ethos  


Welcome Home, to Templeton Cove. We are an American Lakes and Wilderness styled Estate and our ethos is one of mutual respect.These are moderate regions and you are reminded to abide by the Linden Labs Region Guidelines and Community Standards.The list of things we will not tolerate includes but is not limited to Intolerance, harassment, assault, disclosure, public nudity or acts of a sexual nature, and disturbing the peace.


Therefore, expect everyone  to be courteous and pleasant.

We operate as a community with many shared spaces and amenities which are open to visitors, group members and residents.

Behaviour deemed inappropriate by the owners will not be tolerated in any shape or form.


  • Membership


The fee to join the Templeton Group includes membership of the members only sim, access to any member only spaces and the ability to rezz your horse or a small craft in the common areas for exploring.


  • Common Areas


These are for public enjoyment and all group members may rezz prims for picnics, exploring and recreation. 

Size restrictions on boats ~ we have tight turns and shallow passes throughout our waters and cannot accommodate yachts or large sailing vessels. Feel free to give a try to any mid-sized boat, but keep in mind you are responsible for cleaning up any accidents you may have.

Please make sure  you take these prims when you leave as they will be returned. Persistent offenders will be removed from the group and have to rejoin.


  • Waterways


Even though there may be water on your land, it does not mean you can build on it. In general the water belongs to the whole estate Anything beyond a dock or small deck must be discussed with staff

No offshore decorations that encroach into or over sailing waters. This means NO items may be placed in the water without permission, other than Water vehicles. We DO provide most tenants with a dock and water decor, and are open to customizing your space a little but we require you to make arrangements with staff to approve ANY items you intend to place in the water

Items that are placed in the waterways without approval from staff will be returned

Our theme is to be open sail for all tenants, and each neighbor contributes water and prims to that purpose. 



  • Visitors


Visitors may join the group as ‘Explorer’ in order to enjoy the benefits in the common areas.

We expect visitors to adhere to the code of conduct in the visitor welcome pack.

This code includes respecting rented homes and property and not entering without invitation. Available rentals can be  identified by walls, fences, gates and waterways. Visitors are welcome to explore unrented properties and lands which are identified by the presence of a Rental Information Board

If you have been given permission to be in a rented property when the owner is NOT present you MUST be on the rent box as a sub-tenant otherwise you run the risk of being ejected without notice.


  • Residents


We have 3 types of residencies here, Private Islands and Land Transfer, Neighbourhood Homes which are parceled for privacy and Non-Parceled rentals such as Marina Cottages. The general information below applies to everyone and further information about each category is under separate headings. 

All residents MUST join theTempleton Cove Group and when you rent please ask an available staff member (see online board in estate office) to upgrade your tag to ‘’TC Resident’. A staff member will help you set up.

Anyone one who will be rezzing in your home or anyone who will be in the house when the primary tenant is absent must be added to the rent box.This serves a dual purpose of letting staff know which prims are legal and who is a trespasser. It also protects your privacy.

No subletting. No Exceptions, but feel free to send your friends to the Rental Office to see what is available in our Estate.

No offshore decorations that encroach into or over sailing waters. this means NO items may be placed in the water without permission, other than Water vehicles. We DO provide most tenants with a dock and water decor, and are open to customizing your space a little but we require you to make arrangements with staff to approve ANY items you intend to place in the water

 Any object that has a strong negative impact on the region, regardless of where, will be returned immediately.


If a Tenant who is eligible would like to have a private skybox, we ask that you place it above 3000 feet within your sky space. 


No breedables without consent from management.


  • Commerce



There are no commercial ventures at  Templeton Cove, although certain activities are acceptable in the sky if you  have enough prims. As always check with staff.


  • Payments


All tier payments due at least every 7 days. You will be reminded prior to your due date that your rent is due.


  • Refunds.


Please note we do not give refunds, once you have paid rent, that land is yours for the duration. 


  • Moving Home


 Tier Transfer: On occasion we may transfer your remaining rent tier to another property. Please note that this does not mean frequent changes are permitted.

Templeton Cove and Connemara are separate estates and tier  CANNOT be transferred between them.


  • Flying - 


Flying above water or land is permitted in air vehicles for TENANTS ONLY ~ 

Please ONLY Land your air vehicle on public water OR your own home area. Please also stay a respectful distance from private homes and land. We have not set a specific distance, and hope you will gage with respect in mind.



  • Terminating your Rental


Ideally you will let us know if you plan to leave by marking your rent box ‘not renewing’. This helps us reset the land in a timely manner. We have a 3 days grace period, during which you should receive a notice from the terminal, as well as our staff, informing you that you are past due.. If, at the end of the grace period, we do NOT hear from you and the balance is in excess of 3 days, the land WILL be reclaimed and your belongings will be returned to you! If you have a problem paying the rental box, please contact Templeton Cove Management Staff immediately.


Please note - if you mark the box that you will not renew your rental the 3 day grace period does not apply and you will be automatically evicted when your box becomes past due. If you set your box to not receive notifications you are waiving the 3 day grace period, and if your box becomes past due you will be automatically evicted.

If you have extenuating circumstances any arrangement must be made with staff and we will try to help. Not sticking to any agreement  of this nature will result in your membership being revoked.



Please also read section above marked residents.


TC Resident: Land Transfer and Private Islands


As this is a community, land transfer properties come with some restrictions that should not spoil your enjoyment of living here. Please check with staff if you are uncertain 

Region Decor

Certain items such as cliffs, landmark objects  and some trees are part of the region decor and should not be returned.These will either be obvious or locked. 

Choice of Home

Although Private Islands are rented with a house on site you are free either to replace it with items of your own.

Your  home and any additional building should have a size appropriate to the land mass and leave plenty of open space around for the type of  landscaping that fits our theme. Your land provides the views the neighbours enjoy as does theirs for you. Please check if you are unsure about the home  you want as it may be returned if it is unsuitable


Similarly you may replace landscaping with your own that fits the theme.

Privacy and Security

 Security orbs may only be used with Private Islands and some parceled lots. Should you require an orb, only TCE orbs may be used, they are to be used over houses ONLY and a staff member  MUST set one up for you.

Any orbs that eject avatars who are exploring common lands or using the waterways will be returned.

As this is a neighborhood community, we encourage residents to explore our waterways and amenities.. Occasionally, you may have a stray explorer, or lost neighbor walking on your land. We hope that you will welcome them, but of course you are entitled to your privacy, so you are welcome to ask them to leave. . 


Please NEVER walk into an occupied or rented home uninvited. If you have a problem with trespassers please meet with staff to discuss your options. We value your personal experience.


Friends and Family: should be on your rent box (see RESIDENTS Section). This is not necessary for infrequent visitors when you are home.

Parcel Boundaries

Parcel division is set by us,  by water or boundary trees, or lines. 

No ban lines permitted, but feel free to set your about land to restrict view on your own parcel


As a shared community estate it’s important to maintain our required About Land Settings, so that sailors can freely pass through the waterways surrounding your home. 



Terrain Editing: if you are in need of terrain editing please contact staff to make an appointment


Templeton Cove  Neighborhood/Garden Homeowner: Parceled for Privacy


The house we have set on your rental may not be changed  out as it has been selected with care to blend in the region. You may decorate the interior as you please.

Parceled for Privacy

The land around your house has been parceled to give  you privacy this give you a number of benefits:-

Voice is enabled and restricted to the parcel

You may add some decor on the land  within the parcel so long as it fits the region theme. Items outside the parcel will be returned.

Our default music URL is ShangriLa Radio but  you may ask staff for an URL of your choosing.

If you feel an orb is essential please discuss with staff but bear in mind very few country homes  can be orbed. We will protect your privacy against persistent interlopers should this occur.


Non- Parcelled 

In general these are Marina Cottages. These are inexpensive builds designed to provide an affordable option to join this community. Often  there is a home controller with a white list so you can control access to the home.

There is no privacy option nor an option for a music URL.

Some rentals can accommodate a sky box (discuss with staff)

Additional prims may be  purchased in some locations

Scripts for Animesh, Bots, and Pets are high and cause lag. This rental restricts you to ONE ONLY of such items (check with staff if unsure).


By renting in Templeton Cove you are entering a contract where you AGREE in FULL to accept and follow all rules, conditions and zoning requirements explained in this document. If you have any issues or queries about anything in the Covenant, please contact our Management Staff listed on the bottom of this notecard.

We cannot be held responsible for lost content due to the unpredictable nature of Second Life. All reasonable efforts to correct region-wide issues with Linden Labs will be made. 


Questions? Problems? Contact our Connemara Management Team!

Kitty Templeton-Maara (KittyTempleton) Dea Templeton-Maara