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Pipski : Exhibition

Templeton Cove Art Walkway is proud to present:

Passion by Pipski

We are proud to present the amazing works of Pipski. A real life artist who lives and works in Denmark. Although she is not in second life currently we have had kind permission to show her work here via a close family member who is in SL. This is what he had to say about her work:

"As long I can remember, my sister have drawn or painted. In her 20s she stopped since other things came into her life and then the canvases and paintings came back. Jaminda made the picking and it was fun for me to see the chosen art, since it is a travel in time for me. I think my sister have her style and hope you will enjoy it."

Her work is a real treat so don't this opportunity to see it for yourself!

Her website is here:Pipski website

Facebook here: Pipski Facebook

Opening night is on Saturday 29th January 2022 at 12 Noon

12pm Live Singer Winter
1pm onwards DJ Harry

Everyone welcome







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