Templeton Cove Art Walkway Presents:


A Burst of Flora and Fauna by Prins 


Templeton Cove Marina

An exciting amenity for TCE Group Members and Residents is now  here. We have taken some land on the Blake Sea to create Templeton Cove Marina so that those who enjoy sailing can stretch their sails further a field. TCE Members will be give a Marina Tag to rezz and sail as part of their membership.

Templeton Cove Marina

The estate has many exciting places to visit with riding and sailing. We feature just a couple and the full lists are available in our offices.


The Lake House: Check out our calendar for sets.

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Pick up the Explorer's  Guide from Templeton Cove Estates Office Templeton Cove Estate Office

Riding and Hiking Trails of Templeton Cove. Ride on 18 sims  Templeton Cove Riding Trails